Artistic or just Fun Photos coming to hobbyDB!

Besides the current Main Photo, Show on Search Photo and Detail Photo which all make the database useful (they are all explained here) and are meant to be “clean” (ideally just a white background) we wanted to add a new type of photo, the Artistry Photo.  Something like Funko’s announcement shots like this one   –


Others are already getting added by some of our users  –

Photos by AndrewHill and mmmm-2012


Others might be by artists that join us for this purpose, for example, Mitchell Wu who we recently introduced  –

Mitchel Wu

This photo could be added to both collectibles!


We have just released this new feature and this is what it will look like in the Gallery  –


We plan a number of features around this.  For example to change your personal preference to show Artistry Photos instead of the Main Photo on search results or when looking at a Database Item page.  Or a new section that shows only Artistry Photos.  We are certain that you come up with more use cases  –  please let us know about them in the Comments!

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