The Many, Marvelous Collectibles of the Stan Lee Universe

Marvel Comics

Stan Lee left an indelible impression on the world of pop culture as one of the godfathers of the Marvel universe.

Among the corners of that world are the seemingly zillions of collectibles dedicated to the characters, storylines and memories born from Lee’s mind. So much so that Lee became a cult icon in his own right, which in turn spawned countless collectibles and items bearing his likeness.

Some are must-haves, others are inspiring and impressive, while others are simply fun and silly.

We thought we’d take a stroll through the hobbyDB database to enjoy myriad Stan Lee collectibles. Here are some of our favorites. What Stan Lee collectibles do you own or love? Share with us in the comments below!


The Uncanny X-Men (1963 1st Series #001)

Marvel Comics


Stan Lee Minico (Iron Studios)

Marvel Comics


Stan Lee (Impel Marketing)

Marvel Comics


Stan Lee (Lego)



Stan Lee (Hot Toys) ($210)

Marvel Comics


Stan Lee – Tribute Book (Legion M)

Marvel Comics


Stan Lee (Hasbro Marvel Legend Series) ($30)

Marvel Comics


Stan Lee (HeroClix)



Fantastic Four #1 – Stan Lee Marvel Comic Book Challenge Coin Issue #1 (Leo Challenge Coins)

Leo Challenge Coins


Smilin’ Stan (Garbage Pail Kids)

Garbage Pail Kids


Stan Lee (NECA – The Simpsons: 25 of the Greatest Guest Stars)

NECA Simpsons

Stan Lee (Mego)



Stan Lee (Funko Soda) ($13)

Funko Soda


Stan Lee (Funko Vinyl Idolz) ($34)

Funko Vinyl Idolz


Stan Lee (Excelsior) ($100)

Funko Marvel


Stan Lee (Funko) (Superhero) (Platinum) (Metallic) (Autographed) (Funko) ($20,000)

Marvel Comics Funko


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