Guest Blog: Funko’s Haunted History of Freddy Krueger Pop! Figures and More

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Freddy Krueger

I had to wait until the early 90’s to watch “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” just because I was seven years old in 1984. This classic which is close to celebrating its 40th anniversary blew my mind from the very first moment and became one of the most successful horror sagas ever.

Frederick Charles Krueger, aka Freddy Krueger – created by the genius director Wes Craven and starring Robert Englund – resulted in the “son of a hundred maniacs” establishing himself as one of the most recognized horror icons in pop culture history.


Freddy Krueger


Which is made scarier by his iconic hat and green-and-red striped sweater. And let’s not forget his glove… the perfect weapon of the Dream Master.

Funko made us wait until 2011 to finally see this movie legend in its catalog. That year, it was launched as a Pop! Plush, Wacky Wobbler and Pop! Vinyl, which included a Glow in the Dark Chase variant.

From 2013 to 2016 Freddy was released as a Pocket Pop!, Pop! Pens, Action Figure (Funko X Super7) and Mystery Mini figures. Highlights of that time are white whales such as Freddy Funko as Freddy Krueger, in Pop! and Wacky Wobbler versions respectively. Both were from SDCC 2011 and limited to 48 pieces each. There was also a Wacky Wobbler Pez variant given away at Funko Fundays that was limited to 12 pieces.




Another unmissable piece is the Syringe Fingers Pop! from “A nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors” (1987) exclusive to Hot Topic.

Beginning in 2017, Funko surprised us with new lines of Freddy Krueger collectibles, including Pint Size, Five Star, FunkO’s, Vynl. and Pop! 8 Bit. They also revived the MOTU style from the 80’s with a Funko Twist, with Savage World’s Freddy Krueger as well.




Through those years we could also find vinyl sets. Besides Freddy Krueger, they include the Crystal Lake killer, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, and his “partner” in the slasher movie “Freddy VS Jason” (2003). The perfect match if you are looking for a spooky and amazing set to your collection.

Lastly, the world of Pop! offers us another reference to the Springwood maniac, with the 2019 NYCC exclusive, Evil Groundskeeper Willie #824 (Pop! Television) from The Simpsons Halloween Special, “Tree House of Horror VI” (1995).


Funko Simpsons


It is not difficult to guess we’ll be seeing more of them in the years to come. However, and just my thought, it would be incredible having other characters from the saga in our collections.

Remember, if you are sleeping and listening in your dreams “One, two Freddy’s coming to you…”, you should wake up as soon as possible, just because as Mr. Krueger says, “Dream Kills.”

I hope you find this information helpful. Let me know if you’d like to know more about Freddy Krueger X Funko in the comments and have sweet dreams.

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