Jasper Bynens: From VAG-Enthusiast to Diecast-Collector

We’d like to introduce you to Jasper Bynens, car enthusiast, Volkswagen and Porsche collector and latest investor in hobbyDB.

Jasper shared some of his time recently to chat with us about his collection and personal history in the diecast industry.


How did your love of cars begin?

Hi fellow collector! My name is Jasper Bynens and I’m from Belgium, Europe.

Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by cars, like many of you.

Growing up and reading car magazines, watching every episode of the OG Top Gear (multiple times), shouting every car brand we passed by on the road when I travelled with my parents, drawing cars, playing Need for Speed,… were essentials!

It even went so far if you asked me what my dream job was, I would say: “I want to be a car tester!!”



What got you into collecting?

When I got a bit older, I started to go to car shows with one of my best friends, Glenn.

My friend always had a display with some random Volkswagen & Porsche castings and merchandising inside. At that time, I had some VAG-merchandise myself, but that display with those castings always caught my eye. 

When he asked me to go to a convention, I couldn’t resist saying yes! He took me to the convention in Houten, in the Netherlands.

Just for your understanding, here in Belgium the assortment of diecasts in stores is scarce and when I had my first look inside that convention… I knew instantly that my pockets would be empty at the end of the day. That was the day when the collector bug bit me!



What were some of the items you collected?

In the beginning, I just bought everything I liked, but there are so many options out there?!?

At that moment you must ask yourself; “What do I really want to collect? Which are the castings I most like looking at?” It sounds easy but for me, it was a difficult question.

I like to get all of something, the full series. But, of what then?! You can’t collect everything.

For a long time I just focused myself on Hot Wheels Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi. Then it changed to the models I liked the most and I tried to get all castings of that model.

But there were also the higher detailed brands that always fascinated me. It’s insane how much detail you can put in such a small car.

Even more amazing to me is when parts of 1/64 castings start to open.



What do you collect these days?

I collect Volkswagen & Porsche castings of the following manufacturers nowadays.



Hot Wheels, just out of nostalgia, it’s a childhood thing. Fun, bright and “cheap” 1/64’s. I say “cheap” because when you’re in search of older, more rare, castings or convention models, you will sometimes pay a pretty penny for just a toy car.



Tarmac Works, because in my opinion, it’s the best value for your buck that’s on the market right now. The details for that price tag are amazing to me and the packaging is always on point.



But then you also have PGM, Private Goods Model. This is one of the higher-priced 1/64-manufacturers, but the details on these little guys will let your mouth fall open!

An opening hood that is decorated inside. Opening doors show an amazing interior. The trunk can lift up and shows a beautifully detailed engine and lovely installed exhausts. For me, the luxury editions are EPIC, the boxing/casing of these does it for me! But the regular versions are awesome too!


Where can we view some of your collection?

On my new hobbyDB Showcase of course!  You can always send me a PM as I enjoy meeting other collectors. Keep collecting! ✌️



Check out some more images from Jasper’s collection!





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2 years ago

Thanks for being such a fantastic contributor and person to chat to (and I feel good to now also work for you!).

jasper Bynens
jasper Bynens
2 years ago
Reply to  Joschik

Thank you for the invitation of taking part!

2 years ago

Great display cabinets!

jasper Bynens
jasper Bynens
2 years ago
Reply to  Karl

Thanks! I draw them out and friends of mine custom made these for me! Very happy with the result 🙂

2 years ago

Hello from Germany

jasper Bynens
jasper Bynens
2 years ago
Reply to  Majk

Hi! that’s not far away! 🙂 If you like, you can always add me on Facebook! Always fun to meet new collectors!

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