Top-10 Most Valuable Despicable Me” Minions Collectibles on hobbyDB

Funko Lego

They’re loyal, energetic and there are lots and lots of them. We’re not just talking about Minions from the animated franchise “Despicable Me,” we’re talking about seemingly limitless number of collectibles dedicated to those yellow henchmen of the notorious villain Gru.

We thought we’d wade into the sea of Minion items to discover which among them were worth the most.

Remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, particularly as our team adds more and more items and price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. See below for more information on how you can help out. Follow this link for a current list of the most valuable Despicable Me Minions collectibles found on hobbyDB.


Top-10 Most Valuable Minions Collectibles


10. Purple Carl (SDCC ’14) (Funko) ($25 – $37)



9. Gone Batty Minion Carl (Mystery Minis) (Funko) ($41)

Despicable Me Funko


8. Purple Dave (SDCC ’14) (Funko) ($40 – $42)

Funko Despicable Me


7. Minion Pilot in Training (Lego) ($43)

Lego Despicable Me


6. Pet Rock Otto (Mystery Minis) (Funko) ($60)

Funko Mystery Minis


5. Brick Built Minions and their Lair (Lego) ($70)





4. Dark Evil Minion, Carl and Dave (Glow in the Dark) (Funk0) ($110)



3. Carl (Glow in the Dark ) (Funko) ($125)

Funko Minions


2. Dave (SDCC ’13) (Metallic) (Funko) ($165)

Funko Minions


1. Evil Minion (Metallic) (Funko) ($180)

Funko Despicable Me


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