Top-10 Most-Valuable Hard Rock Café Mardi Gras Pins on hobbyDB

HRC Pins

Happy Mardi Gras from hobbyDB!

If you can’t spend the day at a Hard Rock Café, you can celebrate with us as we take a look at the most-valuable Hard Rock Café pins dedicated to the holiday.

Check them all out here. And remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, especially as we add more and more price points to the guide to ensure its accuracy. Want to help out? Scroll down for more information on the hobbyDB Squad. Follow this link for a current list of the Most-Valuable Mardi Gras Hard Rock Café pins.


Top-10 Most-Valuable Hard Rock Café Mardi Gras Pins


10. Mardi Gras Guitar (Paris) ($34)

Hard Rock


9. Mardi Gras Mask Series Guitar ($34)


8. New Orleans Mardi Gras Queen Prototype ($35)

Hard Rock


7. Mardi Gras Guitar (Venice) ($35)

Hard Rock


6. Mardi Gras Guitar (Cardiff) ($35)

Hard Rock


5. Mardi Gras Logo & Piano ($40)

Hard Rock Café


4. Mask Guitar (European Series) ($47)


3. Fender Mardi Gras Guitar Box Set ($75)

Hard Rock Café


2. Mardi Gras Bear 3 of 3 – Piano Hat Prototype ($100)

hard Rock café


1. Mardi Gras Carnival Mask Framed Set ($470)

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café

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