Meet Hot Wheels Icon and hobbyDB Owner Larry Wood

Hot Wheels

Larry Wood knows a thing or two when it comes to diecast vehicles. How else do you earn the nickname “Mr. Hot Wheels?”

Larry began his impressive career as a designer with Hot Wheels in the late 60s. Not long after his first model, Tri Baby (1970) rolled off the production line. It proved to be the first of many over a remarkable 50-year career.


Hot Wheels


So we were beyond thrilled when our friend and longtime supporter decided to join the ranks of hobbyDB owners by investing via our latest round of Crowdfunding.

Larry, after all, isn’t just an investor, he’s also a fan and hobbyDB “Subject” (Subjects are not items you can own like a HW Model but other things of interest to collectors like a Race, Convention, Brand, Series or Designer), saying –

“I am a great supporter of this one database of every Hot Wheels made – even I forgot what I designed way back! It will be nice to have an easy way to check it. I also like that it covers all Automobilia and look forward to exploring it more.”


Hot Wheels


You can find Larry’s designs on hobbyDB by following this link, including favorites such as his Olds 442 (1971), the Rodger Dodger and even the 1966 TV Series Batmobile.

Back in 2016, we spent five jam-packed days in Los Angeles at the Hot Wheels Collectors Convention, which included a lengthy Fireside chat with Larry (and his partner in crime Bob Rosas).

Watch all 3 Episodes here.

He joins other
notable investors from the world of diecast, such as Hot Wheels and Matchbox Design Director Bryan Benedict and Brendon Vetuskey, the lead designer for Mattel’s Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and Redline Club vehicles.

Their investment and assistance is part of a bigger effort to create the ultimate database of diecast collectibles — and more. We recently surpassed the 200,000 mark for models added to hobbyDB. Read more about that milestone here.


Hot Wheels

You can join these diecast icons, as well as veterans from other collectible universes like PSA CEO and trading card veteran Nat Turner as an owner of hobbyDB.

The best part is that you can invest for as little as $100. Your investment earns you a stake in hobbyDB and allows you to do well if we do well.

Get full details here.


hobbyDB Crowdfunding


There are plans for some Larry Wood goodness coming to hobbyDB Members soon…



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Bob Rosas
Bob Rosas
2 years ago

Larry and I go way back, I am looking forward to attending his 80th birthday bash.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Rosas

Hi Bob, I heard about that… and always wondered who was who?

Odd Couple.jpeg
2 years ago

Love all of his work but here is my big time favorite!

Manfred Schweiger
Manfred Schweiger
2 years ago

I had the tremendous pleasure meeting Mr. Wood at a Hot Wheels convention and enjoyed our conversation. He is both a Gentleman and a true car enthusiast.

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