Maximize Your Collection with the Power of Subject Pages on hobbyDB

We here at hobbyDB are always looking for ways to maximize your collecting experience.

We do this through a variety of tools and features. Among them is our vast database of Subject pages.

Subject pages are a vital part when it comes to documenting your collection. These Subject pages are where you’ll find all items relative to that particular subject – be it a brand or franchise, or movie, character and lots, lots more.

There are plenty to choose from.

You’ll find more than 93,185 Subject pages on  hobbyDB, including hundreds of them dedicated to Funko.

From the Subject page home, you can search them all either alphabetically, by date added, and by most and least liked.

Need to search further? We made navigating all Subjects even easier by including detailed search filters to help you hone in on that favorite item.

Star Wars fans, search for “Star Wars,” or refine your search to “Return of the Jedi” or “Luke Skywalker.” Take it even further and pair down your search by item type, such as diecast, trading cards, or vinyl art toys, for example.


The best part is that you can “like” your favorites by simply clicking the heart icon on every item page. By liking a Subject, you’ll soon receive updates on new items added, price fluctuations and more.

We’ll also be adding context to the site, so if you decide that you only want to see Funko and Disney, it’s your own customized database.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions big or small.

hobbyDB Filters

HEADS UP! And make sure to “like” the Funko subject page, then keep an eye on your hobbyDB Showcase later this month. We’ll be dropping in a special treat on the Showcases of those that “like” the Funko subject page. This is the start of many surprises to come as a way of saying thanks.

Do you have a keen eye for Subjects? Want to help curate your favorite Subjects on hobbyDB? We’re always looking for fans to lend their expertise as part of the hobbyDB Squad. In addition to curating subjects, our volunteers help by adding items, price points and UPC codes and more. In exchange, Squad members receive exclusive Badge to proudly display on their hobbyDB Showcases.

Send us a message to and our Squad will do our very best to answer.


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