Exciting New Price Points Arriving on hobbyDB, including…Mercari!

We’re always looking for ways to improve estimated values on hobbyDB and recently added eBay Best Offers, 7 Bucks a Pop Prices and Pristine Auction Results. So we’re thrilled to announce some exciting news when it comes to Price Points.

Big Ticket Task Force

We do our best when it comes to documenting price points for rare Funko items. We’re talking about older, hard-to-find items with limited editions ranging from 1 to 108.

The rarity of these sales, coupled with the fact that most of these big transactions are done in private, can lead to an out-of-date estimated value. So we’ve created a group designed to examine and authenticate the sales of more than $1,000. 

One way to accomplish this is by direct contact with known buyers and sellers for confirmation. From there it’s a matter of authenticating available videos, photos or news articles.  And we share what we learn on the Price Point:


And you can dive deeper for full transparency:


In fact, we’ve already done our first two with Golden Ticket Willy Wonka and Silver Batman.  For that super rare Golden Ticket 2-Pack we had absolutely no Price Points and now we have one that is four years old – so while the Estimated Value is not today’s (we believe it is still significantly undervalued) it is better now and we have just started with this!

If you have a Price Point you want us to consider, please reach out!  You can find more details about this program here.

Mercari Price Points Now on hobbyDB

After having been alerted by Jassy in an interview (you can find it here) that Mercari now has URLs that can be checked, we wasted no time to start adding Mercari sales to items in the hobbyDB database. Here is an example of an item that already features some:


That makes 39 and we are not done yet!

This is a work in progress but those two mean we now have the ability to add 39 DIFFERENT types of Price Points (see an overview here)!

We’ll be continuing to improve the process and ironing out any bugs that might arise. If you see anything that looks out of line or have any questions, we encourage you to share them with us at support@hobbydb.com.

Better yet, bring that expertise to the Squad where you can help us add Mercari price points, as well as items, UPC codes and more. Help us out and well dress up your hobbyDB Showcase with some cool exclusive badges. Message us at support@hobbydb.com and we’ll get you started.

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2 years ago

Very excited for the future HobbyDB is heading in and can’t wait till it’s partnered with all Funko pop company’s and selling merchants.
I recently bought a fake Funko pop from Mercari so this should help filter out more fake Funko pops from legit sales.

2 years ago

Love to see it!

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