New Feature Alert! Search by Autographs and Other Subvariants


With tens of thousands of items to peruse on the hobbyDB database, we’re always looking for ways to make navigating your favorite brands and franchises easier.

Among those collectibles is more than 4,200 autographed items. Searching hobbyDB for signed collectibles and other Subvariants had proved to be a bit cumbersome at times because it’s possible for some Subvariants to have differing information from that of the Master Subvariant.

So we’ve upgraded the ability to filter your searches using Brand, Series, Related Subjects and Production Status.

That’s in addition to our freshly created “Autographed By” filter option. Locate all of these search features located on the left side of every hobbyDB page.

Here’s an example from none other than Chevy Chase –

Get Involved

We have a few thousand autographed items that need to be added to the database. See how you can help out as a member of the hobbyDB Squad. Our team of volunteers adds things such as price points, UPC codes and items (including the signed ones!). In return, you’ll earn exclusive badges to dress up your hobbyDB Showcase. Read more about the Squad here. If interested, message us at

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