Funko vs. Hasbro: Doctor Strange Collectibles


In the MCU, Doctor Strange is the master of the multiverse. The same goes for Stephen Strange’s alter ego when it comes to the collectibles multiverse. Specifically, Funko and Hasbro.

But which reigns supreme? We decided to pit Funko and Hasbro against one another, Doctor Strange style.

Who wins? Tell us below and make sure to check out all of our Doctor Strange collectibles found on hobbyDB by following this portal (it’s just a link, really, portal just sounded cooler).


Winner receives the Eye of Agamotto!


Freddy Funko as Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Strange Marvel Legend Series Build-A-Figure (Armadillo)



Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Strange with Rune (Movie)


Hasbro Marvel Legends Defender Strange vs. Doctor Strange (Ghost Rider) (Glow in the Dark)


Funko Mystery Mini Doctor Strange Supreme vs. Hasbro Marvel Might Muggs


Marvel Collectors Corps Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer Supreme vs. Hasbro Marvel Universe Comic Packs

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