Tudor Games’ Electric Football Official Archive Arriving on hobbyDB

Hutt! Hutt! Hike!

Before video games and the likes of John Madden and Tecmo Bowl captured the fervor of young football fans everywhere, there was that familiar buzz.

Chris LeMay has spent his life getting to know everything there is about the unmistakable rattle that comes with the classic Electric Football Game.

Chris is the founder of the Electric Football Museum, working with curations that have been displayed everywhere from the Football Hall of Fame to the Smithsonian and beyond.

We’re excited to announce that Chris has joined as the 75th member of the hobbyDB Advisory Council.

Electric Football

What’s even more exciting is that we’ve begun to add these models to the hobbyDB database as part of the Official Archive for Tudor Games. All thanks to the help and expertise of Chris.

We wanted to know more about him and the iconic game that features two teams rumbling against one another on the electrified gridiron.

Chris shares some highlights, history and more about himself and the museum –

  • 65-year-old husband, father and grandfather. 
  • Retired woodworker and cabinet maker specializing in the fabrication and installation of museum exhibits, graphics and displays.

Notable museums worked in include the following:

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame, Canton, OH
  • Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame and Museum at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI
  • Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, TN
  • Cheekwood Mansion and Botanical Gardens, Nashville,TN
  • National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, TN
  • Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Museum and Presidential Library, Abilene, KS
  • 20 years retail management experience with Kmart Shoe Depts (Shoe Dept,Mgr. and Field Auditor / Inventory Specialist) and Toys R Us ( Dept Mgr and Assistant Store Mgr.)
  • Also, have a background in custom sheet metal fabrication and factory shoe production.
  • Other hobbies include building dollhouses, dollhouse miniatures, collecting Barbie Dolls, GI Joe 12″ action figures, sports collectibles (primarily football) and reading about pro and college football history.


Electric Football


Involvement with Electric Football

25 years as a player, collector and overall hobby enthusiasts of the game.

  • Played the game as a pre-teen and teenager from 1969 – 1973 (mostly as a solitaire coach)
  • Rediscovered the game in 1997 and became very active on the Miggle Toys Electric Football Forum
  • Participated in numerous local and regional Electric Football Leagues and Tournaments and the National Convention and Super Bowl of Electric Football Tournament events hosted by Miggle Toys / Tudor games 
  • Began buying, selling and collecting electric football game sets, teams and figures, hand painting and selling custom teams and figures and amassing an over 1000 piece personal collection of game boards, game sets, teams, figures and other items related to Tudor Games and related to electric football.
  • A member of the Miniature Football Coaches Association (2007 – 2018)  member of the Board of Directors and Board Chairman from 2008 – 2013. 
  • Editor of “Solitaire Illustrated” and “SCPC Gameday” (2012-2015) Online Digital publications for solitaire coaches of electric football
  • Wrote a couple of articles for “the Tweak” Magazine of the MFCA regarding playing the game and collecting electric football items. 
  • Served on several policy making committees and rules committees for league and tournaments competition events of the MFCA.

Creation of an Electric Football Museum

When I retired from my career as a Museum Exhibit Fabricator and Installer in 2019, I decided to put that experience into the creation of an ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Museum largely using my own personal collections related to the game as the ‘artifacts” and to provide a place for others to donate their collections (rather than selling them off or leaving it up to family members to dispose of in the event of their passing) and create an environment where others could come and learn about the history of the game, experience playing the game and share in their memories of the game.


Electric Football


The National ELECTRIC FOOTBALL Game Museum (nefgm.org) was officially organized and charted as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational museum in the State of Tennessee in August of 2019. With myself as the President/Treasurer and a group of my closest friends and associates serving as the founding members of the Board of Directors we are dedicated and committed to fulling the following “Purpose and Mission” of the museum:

  • To preserve the history, memories, technological advances and artistry of the game of electric football.
  • To preserve the history of the game by creating a facility to house and showcase the collections of the groups and individuals that play the game, the memories of the coaches who play the game, the technology of the game and the artistry of the game.
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