Image Privacy, Captioning and Many More Tools Coming to Your hobbyDB Showcase

When it comes to documenting your collection, we know that very few collectibles are alike.

Big or small, each has their own backstory.

With our latest features, we’re giving you the opportunity to document all the fine details that make the items in your collection special.

We’ve now given you the ability to add captions to any photo that you add to your hobbyDB Showcase.

You also now have the option to set a photo to Private, with or without a caption. The choice is yours.

This is highly effective for documenting things such as receipts and other documents, to personal moments, damage and lots more.

To do so, click on an item on your hobbyDB Showcase. Click Manage and then select Photos on the dropdown menu.

From there you can drag-and-drop an image onto the screen. Below the image will be a Caption box. What type of information you use this box for is entirely up to you.

Prefer to keep your images to yourself? Another new feature allows you to mark Photos as Private, meaning only you’ll see them.

After you’ve dragged your image onto the screen, click the Cogwheel dropdown and choose Set as Private Photo.

You can use this same process to determine your Main Photo and more.

We also added the ability to see items you marked as Private in your Showcase (i.e. where you want to, not just to show the photo, but the fact that you own the item). It will look like this –

We have many more tools such as these on their way. So stay tuned.

And if you have not started yet, here are some Simple Steps to make your Showcase stand out.

Give it a try and let us know! As always, we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns. Comment below or message us at

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1 year ago

Excellent stuff. Very good to see this part of the db going forward.

And what I’ve understood, there could be a collector or two who might like to flaunt their collection a bit. …Perhaps some sort of a star review system for individual pictures? Or ability to comment…

Last edited 1 year ago by Sasu
Tracy Funk
Tracy Funk
1 year ago
Reply to  Sasu

I was thinking something like a like button so if I review someone else’s collection, I can like it and possibly be able to return to it later.

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