hobbyDB Digital Collectibles: Sirdork Toy Photography Exclusive Available Now

We’re thrilled to announce our next exclusive hobbyDB Digital Collectible and we think you’ll find it quite photogenic.

Our latest artistic collaboration brings us into the world of Toy Photography and a stylish new collection from photographer Jared Middleton, better known as Sirdork.

The series entitled the “Sirdork Collection” features 21 photo illustrations depicting Star Wars action figures in unique, precarious and sometimes charming situations. The first 20 are available exclusively on hobbyDB.

The 21st piece, “The Maker,” is only available to those who attend this weekend’s “Toy Photography and Collectibles Convention.” More details available below.

Each piece costs just $1.29 and will automatically reside in the Digital Collectibles tab on your hobbyDB Showcase.

What are hobbyDB Digital Collectibles?

We launched our Digital Collectibles series earlier this year as a way to eschew the complexities of NFT’s, the Blockchain and other words we don’t quite understand.

hobbyDB Digital Collectibles are designed to promote our favorite artists in a simple manner that’s easy, affordable and awesome to collect.

Read more about hobbyDB Digital Art here.


Toys in Action: Toy Photography Convention

Want to meet Sirdork? Jared is among the professional toy photographers appearing at this weekend’s inaugural “Toy Photography and Collectibles Convention.

Hosted by Toys in Action, the event takes place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on June 18 at the Saratoga Springs (N.Y.) City Center.

There will be opportunities for live toy photography on the floor of the convention as well as toy community photo spotlights.

Also throughout the day of the convention, there will be various educational and fun panels/and workshops. These workshops will be held by some of the guests and industry professionals present at the con.

Read more about the event here!


Get-to-Know Sirdork

Not only is Sirdork a whiz with the camera, he’s also the latest member to join the hobbyDB Advisory Council – our panel of experts from across the collectibles spectrum.

Sirdork graciously took some time recently to answer some questions so we could get to know the artist behind the lens.

~ Get to know Sirdork ~

How did you get started in toy photography?

As a collector, I found myself taking quick shots with my phone of my collection and posting them on Instagram. The more I did this, the more creative the photos became! Then I discovered the massive Toy Photography community that is present on Instagram which brought me tons of inspiration!

What was your first shoot?

My First Toy photo (that I can remember) was with a Red Power Rangers Samurai figure.

What do you like to shoot these days?

I love to shoot characters of many IP’s but my favorites are from Star Wars, DC Comics and Pokémon. My favorite scale of figures to shoot is 1/12 scale.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from everywhere! I constantly leave my mind open all day for potential inspiration for the next toy shoot. It could be from watching a movie, discovering a new outside location, or even looking at my kitchen and wondering how I could take a shot on my counter!

Tell us about the hobbyDB exclusive digital collectibles!

The Digital collectibles are such a fun and new way to collect! The digital collectibles contain a fun scene created with the figures we love to collect. Each one has a story, a dynamic image and a feeling of knowing it was created practically with the same figures that may already be in your collection.

How long does an image take to create from concept to finish?

Each photo is different! Some photos may take less than an hour! But some can be much more complicated (Posing multiple figures cooperating with weather, more than one practical effect, lighting) and can take many hours or even multiple days and attempts to execute.

Are you a fan of any other photographers?

Yes! There is a massive Toy Photography community that is present mostly on Instagram. I take inspiration from the Photographers that have been prominent for many years, as well as the ones that have just started their journey. The community is growing massively and continues to be a safe and fun place for so many fans!

What can we expect from the Toys in Action Convention?

The Toys in Action convention is the first ever convention that is dedicated to ART made with toys. At the convention you’ll not only find all of the figures, collectibles, dioramas, props and gear that you’ll need, but also the inspiration from other toy photographers who will be present there. Whether you’ve been doing the craft for years, or just learning about its existence, this convention will be a blast for you!

Do you have any advice for someone looking to break into toy photography?

Toy Photography is all about creating something awesome with the figures and characters you love. There is never a bad place to start! Just go outside and start snapping shots with your phone or camera! The more you do it, the more you will learn, improve and get hooked on this artform!

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