Get to Know – Former Hot Wheels Designer Bob Rosas

As car fans, we explicitly know what drives our fandom.

But what about those who help fuel that fanaticism? What are their favorite castings, real-life cars and more?

We decided to find out via our Q&A series where we ask icons and veterans from the world of model cars about the automobiles that helped shape their lives.

Today we’re chatting with Bob Rosas.

Bob spent two decades as a designer and eventually director of Hot Wheels’ engineering group, at times working alongside the likes Larry Wood, from 1969 to 1989. During that time Bob was instrumental in such series as Crack-Ups and Flip Outs, as well as Steering Rigs and X-V Racers.

He helped pave the way for models to appeal to the collectibles market, and thus earned himself a spot in the Diecast Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned for more chats with renowned designers, influencers and more arriving in the near future! Make sure to check out our recent chat with Hot Wheels designer Brendon Vetuskey!


Meet Bob Rosas!


Favorite Castings of yours


Hot Wheels


Favorite Casting of all time by other designers

Purple Passion – Larry Wood

Hot Wheels


Favorite Models by any Brand that other than your own

M2 Machines


3 Favorite 1:1 Cars of all Times

3 Favorites Cars you have owned

3 Favorites Cars you have ever driven

Favorites Cars you’d like to drive some day

3 Favorite Car Races



3 Favorite Car Events such as Toy Fair, swap meets or Concours d’Elegance


Car Show

3 Favorite Car People

Tom Daniel


3 Favorite Car Scenes in Movies


YouTube player



A unknown fact about your Brand that makes you want to work there forever

  • It’s the People that I have worked with

Your most funny Car Fail

  • Making a car body out of Plastic

Your most funny Design Fail

  • Adding spinners to Hub Caps

The one car you would remove from the earth and erase from memory

  • Citroën

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Jeffrey Funk
Jeffrey Funk
2 years ago

A great read! Always interesting to see the favorite castings of Designers.

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