Top-20 Most Valuable Marvel Thor Collectibles

We’re calling upon the Marvel Comics Gods for our latest Top-20 list, a look at Thor, the self-proclaimed “strongest Avenger.”

Since Thor’s creation in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the God of Thunder has amassed a wealth of collectibles. But which among them are worth the most? We decided to take a look.

Remember, estimated values tend to fluctuate, especially as we add more items and price points to ensure the guide’s accuracy. Also keep in mind that these are items only found on hobbyDB. See below for more information on how you can help us build our Thor database. Follow this link for a current list of the Most Valuable Thor collectibles.


Top-20 Most Valuable Marvel Thor Collectibles


20. 1969 Dodge Charger R/T (Johnny Lightning) ($150)

Johnny Lightning Thor


19. Avengers Helicarrier (Lego) ($165)


18. Thor with Helmet (Funko) ($165)



17. Freddy as Thor (Funko) ($180)



16. Thor (Avengers) (Hot Toys) ($185)


15. Thor: Mjolnir: Electronic Hammer (Hasbro) ($200)



14. Thor & Loki (FiGPiN) ($200)



13. Thor (Thor Movie) (Hot Toys) ($210)


12. Thor (Infinity War) (Hot Toys) ($240)

Hot Toys


11. Thor (Sideshow Collectibles) ($250)


10. Thor (The Dark World) (Hot Toys) ($260)


9.  Thor (Light Asgardian Armor) (Hot Toys) ($270)

Hot Toys


8. Thor (Gentle Giant) ($300)

Gentle Giant


7. Thor (Endgame) (Hot Toys) ($310)


6. Thor with Helmet (Funko) ($380)



5. Gladiator Thor (Hot Toys) ($410)

Hot Toys


4. Thor (Age of Ultron) (Hot Toys) ($430)

Hot Toys


3. Gladiator Thor (Deluxe Version) (Hot Toys) ($450)

Hot Toys


2. Roadworn Thor (Hot Wheels) ($600)

Hot Toys


1. The Uncanny X-Men (1963 First Series #009) ($800)

Marvel Comics


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