Autographed NFL, MLB and NASCAR Helmets Arriving on hobbyDB

We’ve begun a massive project to add signed sports equipment to the database with a first wave consisting of close to 13,000 items. That includes autographed helmets from the NFL/NCAA, NASCAR and Major League Baseball. And more.

The best part, the helmets feature price points via Pristine Auctions. That also means we’ll be adding thousands of new subject pages for athletes from all of the major sports throughout the world.

You’ll already find around 500 helmets on hobbyDB. Give them a look here!



Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills)


Deion Sander (Florida State)



Denny Hamlin (FedEx)


Dale Earnhardt Jr.



Jose Canseco (Oakland A’s)


Bartolo Colon (New York Mets)


Do you collect autographed helmets or other sports equipment? Tell us in the comments below!

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Jon Patrick Nagy
Jon Patrick Nagy
1 year ago

I have a full size NY Giants signed helmet from Phil Simms at his hall of Fame induction ceremony, come with a picture of him signing the helmet.
I also have 7 mini NY Giants helmets, signed by Micheal Strahan, Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson, L Tynes and 3 other notable players to name a few.

1 year ago

Nice! Let us know if you like to add them to the Database!

Jon Patrick Nagy
Jon Patrick Nagy
1 year ago
Reply to  Joschik

Let me snap some pictures tomorrow when it’s light out so you can make the update to the database.

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