Rolling Stones Collectibles: From Hard Rock Café to Legos

Sometimes you just need a collectible to come to your emotional rescue.

The Rolling Stones celebrate their 60th anniversary this year. In six decades, the British rock band has amassed a wealth of hits, memories and, of course, collectibles. Many of which are centered around the Stone’s iconic Tongue & Lips logo.

hobbyDB is home to more than 300 Rolling Stones items, from classic vinyl albums and nostalgic Hard Rock Café pins to neon lights and lunchboxes. See all Rolling Stones collectibles here!

We decided to take a look at some of our favorites. What are yours? Share with us below.


Rolling Stones Collectibles on hobbyDB


Let It Bleed (London Records)


Jumpin’ Jack Flash Socks (Hard Rock Café)

Hard Rock


Tongue & Lips with Autographs (Musidor, B.V.) ($28)


Rolling Stones (Be@rBrick)


The Rolling Stones (Monopoly)




RS Watch ($50)


50th Anniversary Skull Bottle Set (Crystal Head Vodka) ($140)


The Rolling Stone (Legos) ($150)


Brian Jones Dead Rocker Metallic Blue Vox Guitar (Clone) Pre-Production #4 ($190)


Do The Rolling Stones start you up? Bring that passion to the hobbyDB Squad. Our team of volunteers helps to add items, price points and UPC codes, as well as curating subjects and lots more (most of these for example were added by our lovely member HRH Dewey!). In exchange, we offer exclusive badges for your hobbyDB Showcase. If interested, message us at and we’ll get you started.

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