hobbyDB App: Most-Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in July

Wow! What month for the hobbydb App!

We’ve just set a new personal record for scans with more than 6,000 daily users!

So which among them were the most-scanned during the month of July by users of the App? We take a look.

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15. Poison Ivy / Harley Quinn / Robin (Walmart)


14. Moon Knight with Weapon (Funko Shop)


13. Spider-Man (Marvel Mech Strike Monster Hunters


12. Doctor Strange (Master of the Mystic Arts)


11. Michael Myers (Blacklight) (Entertainment Earth)


10. Black Adam


9. Boastful Loki


8. Darth Vader (Hoth)


7. Kurogiri (Glow in the Dark)


6. Frog of Thunder


5. Stormtrooper


4. Hawkman


3. Scarlet Witch


2. Chewbacca


1. Captain America (Sam Wilson) (Blacklight)


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