News from John and the Brooklin Collectors Club

John is a great friend of hobbyDB and a connoisseur of cars in 1:1 and smaller scales.  Here is his news.



I’ve had a lot of folks asking me what I’ll be doing since the last club I was involved with announced my “term was up.” That statement was a surprise to many, myself, as one of the founders, included.

So, now It’s time to move on. I remain passionate about the hobby and all the great folks Kelly and I have had the opportunity to meet over the years. Our YouTube channel continues to grow, Forum 43 is healthier than ever and my close working relationship with Brooklin Models, as their official spokesperson in North America, is still active and precious to both of us.


All that is engaging and interesting but, for me clubs are at the core of my enjoyment of the hobby. They provide a focus and a shared experience that is hard to come by anywhere else. In that vein, I have my own exciting announcement to make, I’ve been invited to join the team at the Brooklin Collectors Club (BCC) as their representative in North America. Kelly and I are both very excited to be part of such a long and rich tradition and history in the hobby. John Scrivens, Mo Brown, and John Bowyer all have a depth of experience with Brooklin that is unparalleled, and we’re honored to be associated with them.

There will be a lot of exciting things to share with you as we go forward. We will continue to grow, now as the only official Brooklin club with full factory support. We’ll have an announcement soon regarding the next event at The NB Center in Allentown, PA,! There will also be some very exciting and exclusive privileges extended to club members by our good friends at Brooklin Models whose new factory will be up and running soon.

Meanwhile Karl Schnelle, Tom Kinney, my wife Kelly – all names you’re familiar with – will be joining me as the anchors for the BCC in the United States. If you’re not a member of the BCC yet, now is the time to sign up and join us! Let me know (just send me a PM here on the site) and I’ll provide you the contact information for John Bowyer, our BCC secretary. We have a great club model coming (the previously announced ’55 Buick Police Car) and it will be available, as usual with the BCC, exclusively to club members. This means it won’t be found on any dealer’s website. To me, this is a huge step forward in truly appreciating club members and their valued membership.

We’re excited about the future. There’s a ton of news coming your way in the next few weeks and months and we’re eager to share it with you. Thanks for your support and encouragement.
Now…let’s have some real fun once again!

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