Getting to Know the Handmade Custom Models of ChibiKit

Jasper Bynens is an expert when it comes to Hot Wheels, Tarmac Works and PGM. And now the hobbyDB shareholder is sharing his affinity and knowledge of model cars and beyond as part of our new regular series on hobbyDB. Today he takes a look at the handmade custom dioramas of ChibiKit.

Through the years of collecting, I’m starting to get more and more attracted to higher detailed 1:64’s.

When my eyes caught a glimpse of a custom made by Chibikit, I was immediately sold. It’s not just a custom, the fun scenes incorporated in the handmade diorama on some of his customs really bring his pieces alive.

Besides the love of modeling, he also wants to help fellow customizers out with high quality 3D-printed Volkswagen busses and awesome accessories like wheels, different roof set-ups, ladders, surfboards,….

I got in contact with Thierry Robert, who’s the creative mind behind this awesome range of kits and accessories. He’s a very approachable guy where quality is priority number 1.

You want to get your customizing to the next level? You’re in need of some accessories on your next Hot Wheels Volkswagens project? You like to own a custom created by mister Chibikit himself?

For sure have a look at his site here!

When I saw Thierry’s custom work, I wanted a custom made by himself. I don’t have that kind of talent and patience to get such a level of details on a 1:64 scale model.

I’m honored to own an amazing one-off custom created by Chibikit.

Countless hours have been spent detailing this incredible custom diorama! Within the diorama are some fun sceneries that bring this unique piece alive.

Love it! So beautiful it even won 1st prize at the French Hot Wheels Days 2022!

Keep doing what you love Thierry! ✌️
Looking forward to seeing future projects and designs!

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Isaac Nelson
1 year ago

I absolutely love these kits! Awesome designs and they look like a lot of fun to build. Can’t wait to get one for myself!

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