Meet Mike McKittrick! Mattel Employee From 1968-1995

Mike McKittrick talks about his long career at Mattel that started in the in May of 1968.
It was his job straight out of High School and he found himself on the factory floor in Hawthorne, CA. Come hear stories about the earliest days of Hot Wheels and his career at Mattel that spanned all the way to Malaysia in 1995.

Hosted by Bruce Pascal, Mike also answered questions for the select few chosen to attend the zoom conference. This is great for anyone who wants to learn what it was like at Mattel in 1968.

Mike McKittrick started on the Hot Wheels factory floor in May of 1968…that was his claim to fame! And he ended up being in charge of building the Malaysia plant later on.

This is a of the Bangkok Ransberg machine and a video of how the Hot Wheels paint process works, and very very similar to how the Hawthorne plant paint machines worked.


If YOU have any questions about those very VERY early days of Hot Wheels, please comment below, and we will make sure Mike gets the question and answers them!




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