The Pirate Collectibles of hobbyDB Cove

Ahoy! We’re spending this National “Talk Like a Pirate” Day by not talking about, but showing off some of our favorite pirate collectibles found on hobbyDB.

We’re talking about scallywags and scurvy dogs from the likes of Funko, Lego and Hot Toys to realms beyond the tides.

You’ll find 980 different pirate collectibles on hobbyDB. Give them a look here, and don’t forget to use the filters on the left side to help refine your search.

What’s your favorite pirate franchise? Do you collect pirates? Let us know in the comments below.


Pirates of hobbyDB


Skeleton Jack (Hot Toys)


Crystal Captain Jack Sparrow (Avalanche Software)

Print Ads

You’ll Profit From Selling the New Hubley Pirate Pistol

Pirate Print Ad


Terry and the Pirates


Action Figures

Captain Skunkbeard (PlayMobil)


Pirate Showdown (RoBlox)





Elizabeth Swan (Lego)


The Black Pearl



Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney)


Coin Banks

Chad Valley Book Shaped Money Box


Drawings & Renderings

Pirate Treasure Set Vehicle – Bandana Skull Car (Matchbox)



Pirates’ Hangout (Lemax)


Pirate Ship (Skylanders)


Model Vehicles

Pittsburgh Pirates (Corgi)


Bone Shaker (Hot Wheels Pirates)


Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Captain Kidd’s Treasure VW Drag Bus (Liberty Promotions)


Hard Rock Café

10th Anniversary Pirate Ship


Grand Opening Rock Shop Staff


Model Figure and Ship Kits

Pirates of the Caribbean “Dead Men Tell No Tales” (MPC)

Barbary Pirate Felucca (Lindberg Products)



Davy Jones (Dorbz)


Pirates Cove Box



Foxy (Funko)



Trading Cards

Honus Wagner 😉

Arrghh! Where be your pirate fandom reside? Bring that passion to the hobbyDB Squad. Our team of volunteers help to build and maintain the guide by adding items, price points and UPC codes, as well as curating such subjects as pirates. In exchange, we’ll reward you with exclusive badges for your hobbyDB Showcase. Message us at and we’ll get you started!

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