Vaulted Vinyl and Crew Release Their Latest Funko Pop! Protector – The Legendary

A product of focus, the Vaulted Vinyl® Legendary represents a new tier for Funko Pop! Protection.

Manufactured with a specially formulated polycarbonate that’s 30 times stronger than acrylic and a whopping 250 times sturdier than glass, it’s a first of its kind.

The Legendary hard protector for Funko Pop!s is virtually unbreakable, offers UV protection, and is put through a chemical passivation process that improves clarity and scratch resistance.

Each protector stands 6.65 x 5.0 x 3.98 inches, has stacking compatibility with Funko Stacks, and comes with a N52 magnetic lid and microfiber cloth.

The best part? The Vaulted Vinyl Legendary protector fits snuggly in their line of Vaults: Display Vault, Display Vault XL, and Display Vault Air.

Two-packs start at $59.99 and can be found here.

Unbreakable you say? Need to see for yourself? Check out these behind-the-scenes videos from the creation of Vaulted Vinyl’s The Legendary, including a showdown between the revolutionary Pop! protector and a hammer –




This post was sponsored by Vaulted Vinyl. Make sure to check out more from Vaulted Vinyl by following this link.


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