hobbyDB App: Most-Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in September

Thousands of hobbyDB users discovered the power of the hobbyDB App last month, making for a busy September.

All told, we saw 10 Funko Pop! figures get scanned more than 1,000 times! Another neat tidbit to take note of, the top-five most-scanned items last month featured female characters.

Which ones did you add to your collection in September? Tell us below!

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Most-Scanned in September


15. Goku (Driving Exam)


14. Ichigo


13. Charmander (Metallic)


12. Frankenstein


11. Darth Vader (Art Series)


10. Purge Trooper


9. Ammit


8. Obi Wan Kenobi (Art Series)


7. He Won Remains


6. Cassian Andor


5. Sylvie (Blacklight)


4. America Chavez


3. Kate Bishop with Lucky the Pizza Dog


2. Scarlet Witch (Blacklight)


1. Anastasia


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