Collect-A-Con, McDonalds Adult Happy Meal Toys and More!

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hobbyDB Takes on Collect-A-Con

We came. We saw. We collected a lot of new friends, great memories and some ideas on how to make hobbyDB better. Click here to see some of our photos from the Denver event, the last of the season for Collect-A-Con, the nation’s largest trading card and anime convention.


hobbyDB Marketplace: Adjust for Holiday Rate Hike

The holiday season is almost upon us and with it arrives a temporary seasonal shipping rate hike from the USPS. Are you a Seller with lots of items on the hobbyDB Marketplace? Easily adjust your rates using our bulk editing tools. Learn how by clicking here!


McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys

McDonalds is appealing to our inner child with the release of its limited edition Adult Happy Meals with, of course, a coveted toy inside. For the month of October, McDonalds is offering one of our favorite fast food treats, only in an adult version. But it doesn’t end with nostalgia and perhaps some indigestion. In some cases, the figures have listed for as much as $300K on eBay. Read about the phenomenon and see them on hobbyDB by clicking here.


Collector’s Showcase: Swdaddy

If there’s a Spider-Man or Marvel Funko Pop! figure to be had, Scott Brown, aka Swdaddy, is sure to ensnare it for his collection. Scott, a hobbyDB Squad Member, Curator and Facebook Admin, shows off his impressive collection as part of our latest Collector Showcase. See it here! Would you like to see your collection featured? Reply to this email and let us know!


History: ’86 Suzuki Mighty Boy

Microcar Models Australia founder Danny Draper, aka Dabedra1963, takes us through the fun history of Suzuki’s 1986 Mighty Boy, aka the BIGRIG! Click here to read more and see some great photos.


“My Take by John Kuvakas”

Brooklin Model (and beyond) expert John Kuvakas returns with a look at the most popular YouTube videos from the month of September via his “My Take” channel. John takes a peek at Brooklin’s 1933 Pierce Arrow, TMS Joplin Porsche and a ‘55 Buick Century CHiPS Patrol Car. Click here and give a look!


Funko’s History of FunkoVision

hobbyDB super-user Javier Serrano, aka FJaviserr, takes control of the remote control and guides us through the history of FunkoVision figures, one of Funko’s first ever collections. Which do you own? Click here for a journey back in time.


Top-10 Chucky!

We’re getting into the Halloween spirit with a look at the Top-10 Most Valuable collectibles dedicated to the “Child’s Play” franchise. Do you own any? Are you afraid of them coming to life and trying to kill you? Click here!


Squad Member Spotlight: brycen.bascomb

We love to celebrate the Squad Members that make hobbyDB great. This week we’re highlighting brycen.bascomb, who has added close to 550 price points to the guide and 780 items, most of which are Department 56 dioramas! See the brycen.bascomb Showcase here.

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