Top-20 Most Valuable Non-Freddy Funko Pop! Figures

When it comes to Funko, its venerable mascot Freddy Funko is king.

That’s evident by taking a look at the most valuable Funko items of all-time. Check out our list here. But as popular as he might be, there are lots and lots of valuable Pop!s not dedicated to Freddy.

With the value of higher end Pops! on the rise (Top-10 up 382%!), our partners at Pop Price Guide decided to take a look at the Top-20 Most Valuable non-Freddy Funko Pop! figures. Give their list a look here! Find a teaser for Nos. 16-20 below.


Top-20 Most Valuable Non-Freddy Funko Pop!s


20. Spider-Man (Japan Premier) ($3,990)



19. Dan Wilson (Silver) ($4,000)


18. Batman (Blue) (Metallic) (Funko Force 2.0) ($4,350)



17. Loki (Avengers) ($4,390)




16. Planet Arlia Vegeta ($4,540)


What are the Most Valuable? Click here to find out!

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