Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop! Values on the Rise, Get Yours Here!

The estimated values of Funko Pop! figures are on the rise. As we recently documented, valuations for the Top-10 Most Valuable Pop!s have risen by a combined median of 382 percent!

But those trends aren’t reserved solely for the most coveted of Funko grails. We’re seeing evidence of rising values throughout the FunkoVerse. That includes Amazon Exclusives.

Traditionally speaking, higher-end Amazon exclusives have trended in the moderate range from $50 to $100. But that trend is now pointing north. Here’s an example of Han Solo in Millennium Falcon

Han Solo in Millennium Falcon


And the Princess Bride’s Fezzik, represented by none other than Andre the Giant –



We decided to take a look at the most valuable Amazon exclusives and shared exclusives found on hobbyDB and compare them against deals on Amazon.

Unfortunately, we could not find the most valuable Amazon exclusive of them all…the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Glow in the Dark) with its $750 estimated hobbyDB value. But we did find a lot of other great Pop! figures. Take a peek at them below!


We Want to Know


We’re taking a look at some of the different marketplaces when it comes to buying and collecting, beginning with Amazon, and would like to pick your brain.

  • What do you like about using Amazon and, more importantly, what are some of your favorite exclusives to collect?
  • Are there drawbacks to using Amazon or something you’d like to see them improve? Let us know in the comments below!
  • What are some other marketplaces — i.e. Entertainment Earth, Pop In A Box, etc. — that you’d like to see us highlight?


Now for the fun stuff!

Below you’ll find a few of the more valuable Amazon Exclusives, including how you can add them to your collection or stash away for that special someone on Christmas morning. All at a comparable hobbyDB estimated value!


Cursed Captain Barbossa with Monkey





Baymax (Glow in the Dark)




Thor | Captain America | Black Widow | Hawkeye | Hulk | Iron Man






Captain America: Through the Ages






Hei Hei










Star Wars Holiday Snowman (5-pack)



Ariel – The Little Mermaid




Plane Crazy Minnie | Minnie on Ice | Princess Minnie | Totally Minnie | Minnie Mouse




Star Wars Duel of Fates: Qui-Gonn Jinn




Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore with the Mirror of Erised

Buy Here!



Bulbasaur (Flocked)




Byer’s House: Hopper




F.U.N. Spongebob




Winnie the Pooh




Avengers Assmeble: Hulk




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