Remembering Atlantic Figures from Italy

Musings By Joschik
Christian obsesses over collectibles, antiques and toys more than the average person, but (he believes) in a productive way. Documenting collectibles has been a passion since working on a book about his favorite childhood toys from Timpo 41 years ago. As part of his collecting Christian also has sold collectibles using over the years the postal services in Germany, Russia the UK and the US.

Besides Timpo Toys and Airfix, I had lots of Atlantic figures as a child. Atlantic was an Italian firm that started in the mid-’60s and closed shop sometime in the 80s.  They made both 1/72 “HO” and 1/32 54-60mm plastic polyethylene figures with themes ranging from Egyptians, Wild West to a lot of WWII figures.  While some painted versions exist most figures were sold unpainted and in sets. I had rumors that the molds were sold to Iran but could never get that confirmed and both Nexus and Waterloo 1815 later remade some sets.

Spending too much time on Youtube I recently came across these quick reviews that reminded me of the brand and would probably be back in the market for them if you could get them here in the US.

YouTube player

US Army Paratroopers and Russian Infantry

YouTube player

Japanese Infantry and German Africa Corp

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German BMW R 75 with Sidecar and US Army Artillery

These and many more videos were made by Paul Knapp  –

And he is an interesting chap with collections of 12″ GI Joes both vintage and modern, 3.75″ Modern Star Wars figures, vehicles and playsets, 1/32 scale plastic toy soldiers, and N-Scale model trains. Paul and I talked about Atlantic Models and other stuff and I expect we will see more of his stuff soon here!

Oh, and let me know if you had some Atlantic sets!

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1 year ago

Excellent videos. Atlantic figures were a staple of my childhood. My favorite of all of them by far was the General Custer set. ICYMI check this amazing link.

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