Big Funko Price Increases – a Fad or the New Reality? What’s Our Role?

Our partners at Pop Price Guide examine the meteoric rise of estimated values for Funko Pop!s and more. Click below to read the entire article.


Over the past few months, we’ve noticed a significant increase in higher-priced transactions occurring in the Funko universe. While part of this is due to the fact that we are now recording private transactions in the guide, we’ve also seen prices of the rarest Pop!s increase by a factor of 4 within the last year.


After investigating (and many, many discussions in the Squad Facebook Group and with others in the wider Funkosphere), we believe that there is also something new. With an influx of new collectors in the space, we’ve noticed new buyers appearing on the scene who are willing to make purchases at a multiple of the current PPG Estimated Values. This has led to lots of confusion and we thought it would be good to explain what our role is when it comes to this current trend… (click the button to read more)


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