Handmade by Robots now the 60th Official Archive on hobbyDB

The robots over at Handmade by Robots have cracked the binary code for cuteness.

Beginning in 2019, Handmade by Robots has made us feel warm and fuzzy with its lines of 5-inch vinyl art toys. And now you can find them on hobbyDB, the new Official Archive home of Handmade by Robots.

Build your collection on hobbyDB by choosing from more than 100 Handmade by Robots figures, ranging from Albus Dumbledore to Wonder Woman and franchises such as Disney, Scooby-Doo and more. You’ll begin to see estimated values appear on Handmade by Robot figures. For example, Bloody Ghost Face has an estimated hobbyDB value of $100!

Each Handmade by Robot item listing on hobbyDB also has a UPC code, meaning you can easily find them and add them to your collection via the hobbyDB App.




What Handmade by Robots figures do you own or collect? Tell us below!

Are you an avid Handmade by Robots collector? Help us curate Handmade by Robots figures as a member of the hobbyDB Squad. Our team helps by adding price points and more, in exchange for exclusive badges for their hobbyDB Showcase. Message us at support@hobbydb.com and we’ll get you started.


















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