“My Take” by John Kuvakas: hobbyDB Squad and the Future of Collecting

John Kuvakas is a great friend of hobbyDB and a connoisseur of cars in 1:1 and smaller scales.  He started a YouTube channel to highlight old and new models and we just love it. So we asked him to start sharing his Top-3 most popular videos of each month. Give them a watch here!



Yesterday I sat down with Christian to discuss the future of the model car segment and lots more. That’s in addition to chatting about how you can play a role in that future as a member of the hobbyDB Squad.

Check out the full interview here –


YouTube player


Are you interested in bringing your expertise to the hobbyDB Squad? They’re always on the lookout for passionate volunteers to curate their favorite subjects, including adding items, Price Points and UPC codes where applicable.

In exchange, you’ll not only earn exclusive badges for your hobbyDB Showcase, you’ll also be among the first to know about new features and more, have a chance to weigh in with your thoughts via the private Facebook groups and lots more.

To get started, all you have to do is have a hobbyDB profile and email at support@hobbydb.com!

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