Ads, Liveries and More: Budweiser Collectibles Through the Years

When it comes to collecting beer liveries and advertisements, this Bud’s for you.

Budweiser has earned its “King of Beers” nickname since Adolphus Busch and Carl Conrad opened their St. Louis brewery doors in 1876.

These days, the Budweiser logo is recognized worldwide. And not just on the side of beer bottles and stadium walls.

We decided to share some of our favorite Budweiser collectibles found on hobbyDB. Scroll below to see how you can help us build our Budweiser database. Follow the link to peruse all of our Budweiser items.


Budweiser Collectibles on hobbyDB


Budweiser Millennium – Zippo ($100)



Lighted Budweiser Beer Horse Display – Anheuser-Busch InBev



Budweiser 1984 Los Angeles Olympics – Anheuser-Busch





Budweiser Rocket Record 1978


2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo – Action




1979 Porsche 935 Turbo – Exoto




2009 Sprint Car – R&R Sprint Cars




1982 Ferrari 512BB LM – Brumm Revival



1969 Dodge Charger – Matchbox



Chevy Tahoe – Brookfield Collector’s Guide


G Gauge Rail King – MTH Electric Trains



O Gauge Rail King – MTH Electric Trains


1933 Diamon T – Matchbox Models of Yesteryear


White GMC – ERTL



White Flatbed – Corgi Classics


Print Ads


That’s Bud…That’s Beer! (1964)



Budweiser Presents John Wayne (1970)



Pick a Pair of Six-Packs (1972)


Do you collect Budweiser items? Empty cans don’t count. Bring that passion to the hobbyDB Squad. Our team of volunteers helps to build and maintain the site by adding items, price points and UPC codes, in addition to Curating subjects such as Budweiser. In exchange, you’ll earn exclusive badges for your hobbyDB Showcase. If interested, message us at

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1 year ago

Lots of nice race cars and trucks, but I thought there would be more Clydesdales! :-)

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