The Best 20 Porsche 356 Postcards

Max Carpedi has been collecting Automobilia all his life.  Who can blame him as his father’s office was above a Ferrari and Lancia dealer! He is now mostly specialized in postcards featuring cars and has more than 10,000 of them!  The hobbyDB team is excited that he agreed to be sharing some of them here.


Christian asked for 10 and I could not narrow it down… so here are my 20 most favored postcards showing Porsche 356s in daily life. They are rather scarce despite the saying ‘where’s a Volkswagen there’s a Porsche, I must have some 400 of them and most happily there are thousands left to discover! Every morning I search on the net to find new treasures, but in general, it is friends and colleague collectors who make me happy…

And no, I do not search on ‘Porsche 356’ because there are too many collectors hunting them. My secret keywords are… a secret. The last one I bought was after a search for ‘main road’.

Hotel Aurach, bei Kitzbühel, Austria

This nice silver-grey Cabriolet could be the photographer’s car?  In the background a Volkswagen K70 and a Chevrolet Camaro.


Zandvoort in Holland, the Circuit

I used to live not far away from here and went many times to the circuit to watch the races. On this card, the winner is Wim Ruska who became famous with his Ruska Buggy factory in Amsterdam.


Hotel Soraya, Riccione in Italy

The photographer invited a couple of nice pin-ups to pose next to some even nicer cars: Lancia Flaminia Zagato, Buick Skylark, and, of course, a Porsche 356. At the left is a Fiat 1100TV.


Capri in Italy, Piazza Notturno

This card was part of my daily searches for at least 5 years. Some months ago I discovered I’d listed ‘Capri’ instead of ‘Carpi’. I like the ambiance nocturne. Porsche 356, Lancia Flavia, Fiat 600 and Alfa Romeo Giulia.


Holbert’s Garages Inc., Warrington Pa.

Thank you Mr. Holbert for this magnificent row!!!


Douvaine in France, la Douane

This Porsche card was stored in my internet images collection, not knowing where it was photographed or where I could find it. A friend of mine discovered the spot: Douvaine in France. The search started in 2020, at least I found it on eBay for a fortune (in PostCARds terms a fortune means more than 20 dollars, in general, I don’t pay more than a couple of euros, on flea markets 50 cents).


Schwärzenbach beim Tegernsee, Germany

‘Where’s a Volkswagen there’s a Porsche’, plus a DKW and a Mercedes.


Hotel Sonne, Sölden, Tirol

Another ‘where’s a Volkswagen… ‘ card with a DKW and a Ford Taunus.


Deutsche Industrie Ausstellung, Berlin 1960

Porsche 356 Hardtop Coupé, in the background an Opel Kapitän.


Camping Francas, Costa Dorada, Tarragona, Spain

The Deagon-friends on vacation with a Porsche 356, Skoda 1000 and … a Volkswagen. Nice Matching colors!


Camping Kraljevica, Yugoslavia

A Dutch 356 with a Volkswagen bumper and… a Volkswagen! In the background a Peugeot 404 Station Wagon.


Porsche Dealer Card by George Mench

1960 356 B Roadster. Photographer George Mench used to work for Porsche America and made many nice pictures of all kinds of Porsches. His personages were people he contacted on the spot, I imagine these beauties were swimming at the moment the Porsche arrived at the Thunderbird Motel. Thanks to my collection I’m in contact with George’s son Gunner, who is met via Facebook.


Hotel ‘Les Coccinelles’, Divonne-les-Bains in France

A ‘coccinelle’ is a Cox, a Beetle in French! Nice green 356 parked there by the photographer?


Berlin, Germany, Checkpoint Friedrichstrasse

A very nice and brand-new Porsche 356 from an American GI?  And what is that on the left?  Indeed, another Volkswagen!


Berlin, Germany, Kurfürstendamm

Apart from the 356 this PostCARds shows some more nice cars: Borgward Isabella Coupé, Opel Kapitän, Rekord and Kadett and… a VW !


Berlin, Germany, Budapesterstrasse

An air-streamed building and an air-streamed car!

Gasthof Pension Post, Stanzach Tirol

I love this card with mother and child admiring this red Porsche, which must have been one of the last built.

Gasthof Bircher, Marie-Trens Tirol

Nice coulour this Cabriolet. In the background an Opel Rekord and a… VW.


The Renault Sports Convertible

The Renault Floride or Caravelle is everything but a sportscar! To build an image and boost sales in the United States they positioned her in the middle of real sportscars like the Porsche 356, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, Elva, MGA. It didn’t help…


My last Discovery, bought on eBay in Brooklyn, showed a sporty red 356 waiting for the traffic light which most luckily for us is as red as the Chrysler behind her.

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Isaac Nelson
1 year ago

I love these! Great finds, Max! And thanks for sharing! 😁

1 year ago

Those are such great old images – not just for the 356’s but for the other cars, all the old hotels, the people, etc!

Mike Thomella
Mike Thomella
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing these, just a fantastic article.

Frank Barrett
Frank Barrett
3 months ago

The car in the first photo appears to be a very rare Carrera Cabriolet, 1960 to 1962. (Carreras had no bumper guards.) In the late 1960s I used to visit Holbert’s in Warrington, Pennsylvania, looking for a nice used 356; in 1970, Bob H tried to sell me a 914, even took me on a test drive, but I resisted. The Renault photo appears to be at the Lime Rock track in Connecticut. Porsche dealers sent out perhaps 20 different “factory” postcards from the late 1950s into the 1970s, showing 356s, 911s, 912s, 914s, and several race cars. I used to have a collection of them but probably sold it.

Last edited 3 months ago by Frank Barrett
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