Bedrock Collectibles Becomes Latest Brand to Join hobbyDB’s Official Archives

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched another Official Archive on hobbyDB. Plenty of questions often arise after each new Archive, so we thought we’d take a moment to further explain what it means to be an Official Archive. But first off, let us introduce you to our newest Official Archive…Bedrock Collectibles!

Introducing our 63rd Official Archive – Bedrock Collectibles

We’d love to introduce Bedrock Collectibles, our 61st Official Archive launched on hobbyDB.

Since its inception in 2022, Bedrock Collectibles has made it its mission to bring the cherished memories of everyone’s favorite characters to life.

The Canadian company, who made its debut with Captain Canuck, incorporates 3D printing technology to immortalize our heroes with quality polyresin/PVC statues. And it all starts with Avi Ay, one of the most renowned sculptors in the industry.

What is the reason for Official Archives? And why do we do it?

It’s our mission here at hobbyDB to document every collectible ever made. It’s right there in our slogan “over 100 billion collectibles…eventually.”

To reach such a lofty milestone, we take a two-part approach when it comes to populating the hobbyDB database.

The first is to add new items as they’re released. A good example of this is the upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair, which will introduce some 70,000 new items launched just as this one event. All of these will need documenting on hobbyDB.

The second aspect requires us to go back and add to the database every item since the beginning of mankind like this 6,000-year-old toy.

And Official Archives can be a major asset for all new products – the idea is that every brand and designer can add their own exclusive products as soon as they arrive on the market, perhaps even before then.

Because this information is coming from the official brand itself, we can guarantee the accuracy of its information.

How do we do this for everyone?

We found that many times during our conversations that brands were intrigued by the idea, but then never quite had the manpower to make it happen.

Bedrock was easy, as their brand owner added all five of their statues to hobbyDB by himself. But there are much larger brands out there. That’s where our Team comes into play.

For example, the very cool Handmade by Robots brand reached out to us last year looking for both a database and collection management solution to give to their incredible community. With the organization of our team of Data Jedi, combined with the power of our Volunteer Squad, we were able to build an Official Archive for them, at cost (so not a huge outlay for them and we did not have to invest and still get complete data).

What’s ahead for Official Archives and you

So far we’ve created Official Archives when we talked to Brands or Creatives and have had some good successes.
For example Funko, Hard Rock Cafe and Maisto Brands  –


Artists, Authors & Designers  –


And Clubs, Events, Halls of Fames, Magazines, and Museums  –

But we need to ensure that every Creative and Brand has an Official Archive – the same way as they might now have a Facebook page, Instagram account, or YouTube channel.

We will now reach out to hundreds of Creatives and Brands and plan for one new Official Archive a week. Who should we ask first, i.e. whose stuff are we missing most on hobbyDB?

Message us at if your Brand would like to be featured as an Official Archive on hobbyDB.

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