Did You Own It: Kenner’s Real Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset


When it comes to classic toys from the 1980s, we know who we’re gonna call.

That would be Kenner and its The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse Playset, that’s who.

Released at the end of 1986, the playset was the centerpiece of Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters collection and one their most coveted toys through 1991.

The playset was based on both the movie and animated television series, stood 20 inches tall, and featured two walls and three levels.

The Ecto-1 could fit in the garage, while Egon, Ray, Venkman and Winston could access any floor via the automated firepole.

Its movable Ghost Trap could easily transfer a ghost into the Containment Unit with a simple slide.

But the best feature were the grates that aligned from each floor, starting from the roof.

That’s where you poured the slime and watched it slowly make its way down the entire playset, coating anything in its path.

Which was not easy to clean…at all. But oh so satisfying to watch.

Image via Pixel Dan

So we want to know, did you own it? Kudos to you if you did or still do. Even bigger kudos if yours still has the Ghostbusters Flag out front.

Tell us in the comments below!

Give it a look here via Pixel Dan –

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Did You Own It?

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1 year ago

My brother owned it, and as far as we know it is still at our parent’s house.

When we played with our toys, this ended up being used for more characters than just Ghostbusters, our playing was a cross franchise style of play, all were included: 80s Batman, Robocop, Ninja Turtles and of course the Ghostbusters themselves.

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