Get to Know Triangle NC Pin Traders and its Founder Elizabeth Halloran, and Attend NC Disneyana ’23

We love to highlight local collectors in our own neighborhoods, the ones uniting the collecting communities, one pin (or model car, Funko Pop!) at a time.

Which makes us thrilled to introduce Elizabeth Halloran, founder of Triangle NC Pin Traders . Elizabeth was gracious enough to share some of the inspiration and beginnings of the club with us, as well as how you can attend this year’s NC Disneyana (see below!).

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Over to you, Elizabeth!

hobbyDB: What was the inspiration for NC Disneyana?

Elizabeth Halloran: NC Disneyana, a local annual convention for fans of disneyana held by fans, started with wanting to keep pin trading alive outside the parks at their home in North Carolina. Growing beyond just pins, the group holding the event hopes that it brings those of all backgrounds with different viewpoints together to share in the love of the art and magic of this fandom.

What are some fond memories of trading pins?

My daughter’s first Disney World visit was in 2014 at age 5 (matching my age for my first visit in the 80s) and she had gotten a whole box of pins to bring to try pin trading, but unfortunately misplaced them before the trip.

During my daughter’s second trip in 2019, we did pin trade for the first time and instantly loved it, even though, sadly, we later learned the pins we traded for in the parks were mostly scrapper or fake pins.

In August 2019, I found my daughter’s lost box of pins from 2014! A good sign!

How did the Triangle NC Pin Traders group come about?

After that trip, I asked the Raleigh, NC, Disney Store if pin trading happens there, but while it didn’t at the time, they did say they had lineups for the monthly pin releases!
So began the quest to start a local pin trading group in the lineup at the Disney Store and the start of the TriangleNCpinTraders group…which now has over 400 members!



What were those early days like?

After the third time standing in line (at a pin release), a couple approached who had noticed my pin books and had brought their own to trade. The group grew from the three of them that met on the chairs next to the Disney Store for an hour, until they had to move to the food court.

Then, on Sept. 28, 2019, we did a big four-hour pin trading event, together with a neighboring Charlotte, N.C., pin trading group (Trading Across the Carolinas), in a library meeting room with around 50 people. Going forward, pin meetups were always four-hour events.

In March 2020, Disney held a D23 event in Raleigh and they knew this area was ready for more! However, two things happened, the worst being COVID which came with its lockdown that put in-person trading on pause. And, sadly, the original home of the group, the Disney Store in Raleigh, closed in 2021.

Once the lockdown rules loosened, we started meeting back up outside in parks, but the weather sometimes “dampened” the fun. While pin trading was part of the magic, we longed for more of the experience of the parks. Such as enjoying the characters (Cosplay), having fun with trivia, vendors selling more than pins and wish to use the fandom to help charity.

NC Disneyana has enjoyed lots of success since then! Check out some highlights –

YouTube player


In 2021, the 1st Annual NC Disneyana 2021 –

  • They became a chapter of the Disneyana Fan club (which is a fan club that started in 1984).
  • The new NC Disneyana Facebook group at the time of the 1st event was 600 & now > 1k!
  • They held the 1st Annual NC Disneyana event in Raleigh, NC with 300 in attendance!


In 2022, the 2nd Annual NC Disneyana 2022: –

  • The NC Disneyana Facebook group reached 800 about the time of the next annual event and 400 showed up!
  • NC Disneyana 2022 had guests, including Sr. Disney Artist Alex Maher, whose art sale profits went to charity.
  • The local ABC 11 News covered the event!


In 2023, the 3rd Annual NC Disneyana 2023 –

  • The Third Annual event, NC Disneyana 2023, moved to the Durham Armory (an 8k sq. foot venue)!
  • The event grew to a two-day all Labor Day Weekend event!
  • An official NC Disneyana pin was made for the first time, with some put into Early Bird gift bags.
  • 100 pins were made to honor Walt’s favorite song, “Feed the Birds” and which were to be given to the Piedmont Wildlife Center, a new official charity of the event.


Attend NC Disneyana 2023

Want to join Elizabeth and other like-minded Disney enthusiasts at the Third Annual NC Disneyana? The event takes place Sept. 2-3 at the Durham Armory, 212 Foster St., Durham, N.C.

Early birders can purchase a two-day pass for $40, which includes a $20 value gift bag and an hour early entrance to the event on both days. Adults can purchase two-day passes for $25 or $20 for individual days. Kids enter free with a paid adult. Trade-only tables are available first come, first serve and do not cost an additional fee. Order your tickets here!

Thanks, Elizabeth!


PS:  If you like to get in touch with the group PM Elizabeth, you can find her Showcase on hobbyDB here.

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