hobbyDB Becomes the First Lorcana Price Guide

We were recently approached by some hobbyDB members about adding items from “Lorcana,” Disney’s new trading card game.

Less than 24 hours later, hobbyDB is now the first Lorcana Price Guide.

Disney has partnered with tabletop game developer Ravensburger (Dingbats, Escape, Labyrinth, and El Dorado) to create a trading card game in the style of “Magic: The Gathering” and “Pokemon.”

The game – the first of its kind for Disney and Ravensburger – will be released on Aug. 18 of 2023.

It will use classic Disney characters (for now) to traverse an ongoing story across four expansion sets each year for (at least) the next three years.

Think Booster Packs and Deck building with cards falling under one of six actionable colors.

Disney gave us a tease at the 2022 D23 with several convention-exclusive cards. Check out the Graded 10 Captain Hook, which already has an estimated hobbyDB value of $1,760!

Lorcana on hobbyDB

Thanks again to our members who recently reached out to us about adding Lorcana, which will soon have access to lots more price points.

We even launched a new dedicated Lorcana Price Guide site.  Give it a look here.

The new Price Guide is the perfect tool for folks who only collect anything around this game, while others who collect all of Disney or something else now have access to Lorcana on hobbyDB.

The best part about this new addition to the hobbyDB database? Thanks to our Tech, we were able to make all of this happen within 48 hours since asked about Lorcana for the first time.

We can react with the same quickness and accuracy for other brands or trends, as well. And we’re always on the lookout for others.

Check out how they’ll look on hobbyDB –

As the saying goes…game on.

Do you believe Lorcana can be as big as Magic: The Gathering and/or Pokémon? What’s a brand that we should add next? Let us know by commenting below or messaging us at support@hobbydb.com!

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