Thousands of Lego Collectibles Now on hobbyDB, Get Yours Here!

The Lego train is full steam ahead these days and we’re not just talking about the awesome 5,129-piece Collectors’ Edition Hogwarts Express.

Now you’ll find more than 7,600 Lego items in the hobbyDB database – with more arriving weekly.

That’s due to Lego’s vast catalog which has branched out to all corners of Pop Culture. When it comes to collecting, Lego has just about something for everyone.

Here are some fun new ones that we’ve recently added to hobbyDB, including ways in which you can add them to your collection!


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The Lord Of The Rings: Rivendell – Buy Now!



Eiffel Tower – Buy Now!



Lion Knights’ Castle – Buy Now!



Table Football – Buy Now!



Hogwarts Express Collectors Edition – Buy Now!



The Mighty Bowser – Buy Now!



NASA Space Shuttle Discovery – Buy Now!



R2-D2 – Buy Now!


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