hobbyDB App: Most Scanned Funko Pop! Figures in March

The Pop Price Guide App got pretty animated in March…Pop! Animated.

From Pokémon to Demon Slayer, plenty of animated figures made the list of the most scanned Funko Pop!s in March by users of the hobbyDB App. But which as the most Pop!ular? We take a look.

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Most-Scanned in March


11. Balloon Freddy & Balloon Bonnie



10. Bo Katan Kryze



9. Kagaya Ubuyashiki



8. Jinbe



7. Muichiro Tokito



6. Fully-Hollowfied Ichigo



5. Pikachu (Waving) (Diamond)



4. Goofy with Noise Maker (Black & White)



3. Gelatinous Cube (Blue)



2. Darth Maul & Gar Saxon



1. Sanemi Shinazugawa



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