Unboxing! Exclusive Larry Wood Hot Wheels Trading Cards!

Who doesn’t love a good unboxing?  They have arrived…


So we’re cracking open “The Ones That Got Away,” a high-end, glossy 10-card set dedicated to the never-before-seen artwork of legendary Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood. Exclusive to hobbyDB, this collection has an limited edition of 6,000…so you’ll have to act quickly to add it to your collection.

This is hobbyDB’s biggest production release and arrives in a beautifully designed limited edition box. You can own it for $29.99 with shipping at cost and available worldwide. hobbyDB Shareholders and Squad Members can save an additional 10 percent! Contact us at support@hobbydb.com for the code.

This set is the first in our series that aims to highlight the never-before-seen work of other famous Hot Wheels designers. Going to the Convention this weekend? Join our friend Peter Kistler at the Hot Wheels Newsletter table to pick up a set of your own.



hobbyDB’s Isaac Nelson shares his unboxing! Give it a peek here –


YouTube player


Give the limited edition box a look – 





The Ones That Got Away! In stock and ready to be shipped! Don’t let yours get away!



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