hobbyDB on the Road: Making a BOLD Fashion and Collectibles Statement in Chile

Javier SerranohobbyDB super user Javier Serrano, aka Fjaviserr makes a convincing case for traveling to Chile for its BOLD fashion. Read more of his wonderful guest posts here!


Fashion has been impacted by pop culture and reflects the rapid pace of change in every generation, being an integral part of everything from sports and style to movies and music. And if there is a fashion article which represents those changes perfectly, these are the sneakers.

Sneakers are synonymous with pop culture, and they break the time frontier among generations, recycling and mixing from the more vintage to the more modern and current models, leaving behind the concept of fashion accessory to become a part of the collecting world. Besides, sportswear and lifestyle fashion are having a relevant impact on society, and brands know that, looking at aggregated values for these beloved products, such as the case of BOLD.

Image by Jose Moraga

BOLD is a retail brand, being an important part of the leading Chilean group, Yaneken. The focus of BOLD is on the worldwide tendencies of the most representative lifestyle and sportswear brands, showing us the most exclusive urban fashion collections in its portfolio, offering a complete sales experience.

From the very first moment you go into its stores you have got a special feeling. All the details have been carefully chosen, from the architectural design to the merchandising elements, inviting us to the inimitable BOLD’s atmosphere. Visiting its flagship store at Costanera Center Mall, we can see the maximum expression of BOLD, giving a unique adventure to its loyal clientele, and showing us in every corner its declaration of brand principles.

Sneakers and urban fashion are not the only amazing surprises you find there. BOLD just shocked us with the cobranding, BOLD X Panini, releasing the first sneakers sticker album, being a dream come true for the fans of these sport articles.

Image by Jose Moraga

The album was designed by the urban artist frase8 and works closely with the BOLD marketing team, highlighting the detailed textured cover. Through its 67 pages, it shows a visual review of some the most iconic models created by legendary designers such as Tinker Hatfield and Virgil Abloh.

And let’s not forget the 240 stickers with the classic Panini touch, having 45 of them in a holographic design, elevating this collection to a must-have category for avid sneakers collectors.

“This project was born to build our own brand idea on a product, and we are so happy with the welcome not just for our target audience, just for the professional recognition of our work, becoming this collaboration in an instant success,” says Yaneken’s Marketing Manager, Magdalena Cox.

Image by Jose Moraga

Besides that, and if you think it was a little, you can also add to your BOLD experience SUPERPLASTIC figures. The creations by Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee are perfectly matched with the Costanera Center store environment, giving the opportunity to enthusiastic collectors to get some of these desired vinyl treasures.

Magdalena Cox also pointed out to us that “We are working on new projects that allow us to connect our DNA with our audience,” so it won’t come as a shock if BOLD surprises us with new launches in the short term.

In the meantime, if you are in Santiago de Chile, its flagship store at Costanera Center Mall is a must visit place, where you can add remarkable products to your collection.

Image by Jose Moraga

The immortal words of Humphrey Bogart from The Maltese Falcon (1941), “The stuff that dreams are made of,” perfectly evoke the know-how and passion of BOLD as a brand, spotlighting its recent partnership with Panini as a tribute to pop culture through the sneakers’ world.

I hope you find this information helpful. Have an excellent week. Let me know if you’d like to know more in the comment below.

Note from the author: If you want to know more about BOLD, you can visit www.bold.cl BOLD products are exclusively sold, distributed, and shipped to Chile territory. Are you ready to pack your bags and fly there?

Image by Jose Moraga

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1 year ago

Very BOLD! Thanks for sharing and another reason to make it to Chile now…

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