Time Remains to Enter to Win a Rare Handmade by Robots x hobbyDB Exclusive Variant!

If you listen carefully, you can hear the droids of Handmade by Robots carefully constructing one of their rarest variants ever with the latest incarnation of Robot 283362.

Whether or not you add one of just 10 Handmade by Robots x hobbyDB exclusives to your collection depends on your ability to impress our judges.

Time remains to enter to win the rare exclusive, but, as we mentioned above, you’re going to have to earn it with a Handmade by Robots-themed hobbyDB Showcase that our elite panel deems worthy.

Earn their favor and Robot 283362-1 Micro is all yours. See him here, then peruse the Handmade by Robots Official Archive.

Award-Winning Showcases

There are thousands upon thousands of Handmade by Robots fans. If you want to prove that you’re among the biggest of them, you’re going to have to demonstrate it.

We want to see your fandom on display via your hobbyDB Showcase. That means more than just showing us that you’re a fan, it also means taking advantage of the tools and features offered by hobbyDB to make your Showcase shine.

Some quick tips to spruce up your Showcase and improve your odds of wowing our judges –

  • Avatar / Banner Images – There’s no better way to show off your collection’s personality than with Avatar and Banner images.
  • Lists! – Thanks to our customization tools, you can tailor your collection to fit your needs. That includes the capability to sort your collection in lists or categories? Want to separate your Ghost Face robots and your Scooby-Doo’s? Here is where you can do that!
  • Wish List – You know the hobbyDB exclusive Robot 283362-1 isn’t the only Handmade by Robot figure you have your eye on. Keep track of your Wish List via your Showcase and receive notifications from the hobbyDB Marketplace when that item comes up for sale! Or simply copy your Wish List url and easily send it to a friend before your birthday ; )
  • Gallery – What makes your collection stand out among the others? Show us with personal pictures or artistic illustrations of your collection that you can proudly display in your Showcase Gallery. Hint, your Showcase can easily and stylishly be shared via social media by copying and sharing the url.


Check It Out!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the Showcase of hobbyDB member Canal Noises – who specializes in collecting model cars – for an example of a great Showcase. Note the use of lists to categorize his collection by year, color and more. You’ll also notice a list to track both sales and feedback.

Here is a helpful link to get you started!

Meet the Judges

Our five panelists are among the leaders in their respective fields, so you’re going to have to bring your “A” game. Meet them here, along with some friendly tips on how to woo their favor –

Mary Olson – When it comes to knitting together a great Handmade by Robots-themed Showcase, you’re going to have to impress Mary Olson. Mary is the one who wove life into the franchise. Today Mary is the Senior Director of Handmade by Robots.

Adam F. Goldberg – Want to get on Adam F. Goldberg’s good side? Tailor your Handmade by Robots-themed Showcase using icons from the 80s. Adam is the creator of the upcoming Disney+ series “The Muppets Mayhem” and is an avid collector of 80s collectibles, such as Garbage Pail Kids and lots more.

Russell Binder – You’re going to want to up your game if you want to scare our judges with a horror-themed Handmade by Robots Showcase. Russell Binder knows a thing or two about jump scares as the producer of such franchises as “Creepshow” and “Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

Bill Oakley – Woo hoo! Think you have the imagination to impress Bill Oakley with your Handmade by Robots-themed Showcase? Bill is a writer, executive producer and showrunner of many of your favorite episodes from “The Simpsons” and lots more.

Christian Braun – The Godfather of Showcases, Christian Braun has a keen eye for what makes a sensational hobbyDB Showcase. He is, after all, hobbyDB’s founder and fearless leader on its quest to document every collectible ever.

Ready! Set! Design!

Are you ready to show off your Handmade by Robots fandom? Click the Robot below for complete details and how to enter.

To be eligible to win, carefully craft your hobbyDB Showcase, including images of your Handmade by Robots collection in your Gallery, then share its link in the comment section in the link above, making sure to include your hobbyDB member name.

Happy constructing and best of luck! This contest will come to a close on April 27. We’ll announce the winners on May 2!

Message us at support@hobbydb.com with any questions or concerns.

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