Did You Own It: Hasbro’s Original Generation 1 Optimus Prime

Truck? Awesome. Robots? Even more awesome. A truck that turns into a robot and vice-versa?

Take all of my money. Even if I’m just 10 years old.

That was the thought process for many a kid in 1984 after their first glance at Hasbro’s Optimus Prime. The same feeling still resonates today among collectors of all ages.

You didn’t have to choose sides when it came to Autobots and Decepticons because each one was simply cooler than the next. From Bumblebee and Megatron to Starscream, Soundwave and so many more, Transformer’s original Generation 1 series was as much a revolution as it was a must-have.

And Optimus Prime was their fearless leader. Still is.

Today you’ll find more than 160 Optimus Prime collectibles on hobbyDB ranging from action figures and comic books to model cars, Christmas ornaments and lots more.

Optimus Prime is one of the most produced characters ever. Check out this incredible documentation of them all via tfwiki.net.

It all started with one.


Image via TFWiki.net

The truly original Prime was developed by TakaraTomy as a Diaclone toy named “Battle Convoy.”

It came as two components, the Freightliner WFT-8664T cab, which transformed into Optimus Prime, and its trailer, which opened into a combat deck housing the scout drone Roller.

He had removable fists, fuel pumps and plenty of weapons, including a laser gun. Like so many of the action figures from that time, good luck getting him to hold it straight.

Image via TFWiki.net

Thanks to multiple molds and color schematics across Japan, Europe and the United States, the original Optimus Prime can be found in a variety of slightly differing variants.

The original Optimus Primes only lasted on shelves until 1985 when they became mail-order.

Today you can find it on hobbyDB along with individual listings for each of his accessories!

So we have to ask…did you own it? Tell, or, better yet, show us below!

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