Introducing the hobbyDB Retail Network: Joining Forces With Your Favorite Stores

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to physically roam and shop the aisles of hobbyDB? We’re not talking about a virtual shopping cart, rather an actual cart with a rickety wheel and all.

With the hobbyDB Retail Network, we’re looking to bring all the tools, features and protections of hobbyDB to your favorite local specialty shops and collectible stores.

And do so all in the palm of your hand.

We’re always looking to revolutionize the collecting experience and our new venture aims to unify retail shops with the hobbyDB database and marketplace.

Introducing the hobbyDB Retail Network. Check out our handy guide here!

How it Works

The process is simple. The Store lists items for sale on hobbyDB and affixes their own personal barcode (something we recently introduced for all Members).

From there, the Seller’s online store is then listed in the hobbyDB Retail Network section of the hobbyDB App.

The buyer now has three options to purchase the item using the hobbyDB App –

  1. Via hobbyDB
  2. Via the Seller’s own hobbyDB powered Online Store
  3. In person

All of which is now connected via the hobbyDB App!

The only decision left is to choose between having your newly-purchased item shipped to you or picked up in person.

What is in it for you?

Who doesn’t love supporting local retailers or finding that special shop while on the road?

With the hobbyDB Retail Network, you can check all of the newly stocked items of your favorite Store from home, buy the one that you cannot live without, and then pick it up when convenient (then perhaps check out a few other items in person while there)!

You can do the same when you are planning your next trip. From Atlanta to Zephyrhills, we are planning on constantly adding new stores – with international stores arriving in 2024.

And all without having to pay postage and wait for days!

Soon you can also bring in items to consign to your Store (if you are like us and too busy documenting every collectible ever made).

And, of course, the best part is that, because you’re using the hobbyDB App, your purchase is automatically transferred to your personal hobbyDB collection.


hobbyDB Retail Network in Action

We’ve already begun rolling out the new network with our first two stores in North Carolina!


You’ll find the hobbyDB Network currently in action at Dragon’s Hoard in Greensboro and at Raleigh’s Firefly Pops



Give them a try if you’re in the neighborhood!

Get In On The Action

This is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for more stores to come!

Get yourself ready by downloading the hobbyDB App. Its barcode scanning tech makes for easily adding to and managing your collection, while allowing for other fun options such as quick, in-store research and lots more.

Android and iOS versions are available here!

Once you’ve downloaded the App, tell our favorite collectible store about this!

What’s your favorite local store? Tell us in the comments below!

Have any questions, concerns or kudos? Message us at and we’ll do our best to address them.

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Lesley Young
Lesley Young
1 year ago

My favorite store is Pop Culture & Collectibles located in Michigan City, IN 46360. They have a pretty big inventory and great store atmosphere! They are on Whatnot, they ship, they do custom everything. They would be a great addition to hobbyDB.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lesley Young

Hi Lesley, thanks for the lead! We will talk to them and please talk to them as well!

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