Shred It! Thousands of Tech Deck Boards Now on hobbyDB!

Get ready to ollie, hand plant and kickflip with hobbyDB!

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Tech Deck to hobbyDB.

Thanks to Jack Samples, aka Trunkmonkey513, we’ve added 1,186 Tech Deck items to the hobbyDB database!

Homemade fingerboards first arrived in the 1960s, but didn’t gain popularity until the mid-80s. X-Concepts debuted Tech Deck boards in the early 90s spawning a collectible culture and community on its own.

Jack is an authority when it comes to Tech Deck as co-founder of Tech Deck Catalog/Collectors, which brings the love of the 100-millimeter boards to more than 24.1K members.

Are you among those fans? Start adding your boards to your hobbyDB collection by clicking on the Tech Deck logo!

Jack recently took some time to answer some questions and share some thoughts when it comes to collecting Tech Deck.

Over to you, Jack!

How did you get started collecting Tech Deck?

When I was a kid I used to play with them during lunch at school showing all my friends the tricks I could do. I always loved the graphics and we would show them off to each other and always fight over who had the best graphics.

One day as an adult my brother said “hey man I have a hand board in my toy box that used to be yours do you want it.” I was like heck yes, I totally forgot i had it!! It was a yellow Element board. It brought back so many memories and I decided I was going to collect them again and I haven’t stopped since!!

How many do you have in your collection?

I would say that I have between 500-1,000 boards all together, ha it’s so hard to keep up because I add new ones all the time. Now with the help of Hobby DB I will be able to track them and know exactly how many I have. Some boards are loose, some are sealed, Some are even just the board itself without the trucks.

How do you display / store all of them?

I have all the ones that I really like displayed on the wall in cases that were made for these Tech Decks back in the early 2000’s. Some of the handboards I have displayed on shelves. I love displaying them, people come over and they say I remember those and some kids to this day say I play with those and look what I can do, they love showing their tricks just as much as i did when i was a kid. It brings back so many memories it’s amazing!

Do you have a grail? Do you own it?

So it all depends on who you ask when it comes to the “grail” of boards, everyone has their own “grail” because there were so many made and everyone liked different ones..In my opinion I believe the “grail” for everyone is the KB Toy Deck that was given to KB Toy store managers and only 100 of them were made per an ex KB Toy Manager. I have only seen two of these ever.

What is it about Tech Deck that you love?

Hands down the graphics but only the early 2000’s boards because the graphics that are made today are nothing like the X-Concepts boards in my opinion.

What’s the inspiration behind the The Deck Catalog?

It’s never been done before. My goal is for everyone to see all the boards that were made, be able to find the graphics they love and add them to their collection. I want people to be able to keep track of the pricing for their collection. There are boards out there that a lot of people have not seen and I want to be able to share those with the world!!

What’s your advice for anyone looking to start collecting Tech Deck?

Find the brand and graphics you love.

Thank you, Jack!

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1 year ago

We started hobbyDB for folks like Jack. So glad you found us!

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