Top-10 Most Valuable Vintage Duck Decoys

Quack! Quack!

Calling all duck hunters and collectors that hunt vintage duck decoys!

hobbyDB is home to more than 550 decoys ranging from the late 1800s to modern day. Many of the vintage decoys were crafted from the likes of Anthony Elmer Crowell, the Ward Brothers and the Mason Decoy Factory.

So we thought we’d take a look at the most valuable among them on hobbyDB!

Decoys are a great example of items on hobbyDB with prices set by our expert Curators.

These are values that have been added by some of our members who are knowledgeable about the item. Sometimes these values are the best estimates for the individual database item as there have been no recent transactions that we could record. As these estimated values are still a data point, we decided it would be important to display them if there is no other pricing information.

Check out a detailed breakdown of our types of price points here! Scroll below for more information on how you can help us build our decoy database. Follow this link for a current list of the Most Valuable Decoys on hobbyDB.


Top-10 Most Valuable Decoys


10. Mallard Drake ($1,910)



9. Loon ($3,000)



8. Canada Goose ($5,380)



7. Black Duck ($5,380)



6. Mallard Drake ($7,170)



5. Mallard Hen ($10,160)



4. Swan ($11,250)



3. Willet ($15,540)



2. Black-Breasted Plover ($16,250)



1. Black Duck ($20,320)



How big is your fandom of vintage collectibles? Bring that passion to the hobbyDB Squad. Our team of volunteers helps to build and maintain the guide by adding items, price points and UPC codes, as well as curating subjects such as decoys. In exchange, we’ll dress up your hobbyDB Showcase with exclusive badges. Message us at and we’ll get you started!

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