Going Behind the Lens of Kiril Mucevski Toy Photography

Kiril Mucevski – Toy Photographer and Collector

From mini cars to hulking Marvel characters, Kiril Mucevski sees the world through a different lens than most people. The inspiring photographer takes some time to share his thoughts on Toy Photography and great illustrations with us.

Make sure to check out more of his work at @kirilmucevskiphotography.

Over to you, Kiril!

How’d you get started in toy photography?

As an enthusiastic photographer I sought out and experienced different types of photography, so the idea to introduce toys into my overall photography came quite spontaneously. The art of bringing toys to life through still photos that tell a story is the main drive behind my passion for toy photography.

Are you a collector? If so, what do you collect and what got you hooked?

I’m not so passionate about toy collections as much as about toy photography. But of course, it still counts, I can consider myself as a collector. I started collecting various diecast scale model cars from Bburago, HotWheels, Maisto, Kinsmart, Welly, Disney Pixar Cars, etc.

For the sake of toy photography, I’ve also expanded my toy collection with some Marvel heroes and similar action figures that I considered featuring into my toy photo stories. The hook was related to creative imagination to tell fun and adventurous stories through photography where toy characters come to life.

Spiderman and Sprite – Kiril Mucevski

What do you like to shoot? How would you describe your style?

At the beginning I was attracted by miniature toy cars and started photographing car scale models from my mentioned diecast collections. I usually used forced perspective techniques to fit miniature cars into the environment and present them in a more realistic way.

Lately, the famous Marvel six inch heroes, Lego bricks and some other toy figures expanded the list of my favorites. Regarding my toy photography style, I always strive to tell a fun story in my own unique way that expresses my creative side and makes me happy.

Forced Perspective FIAT 500 – Kiril Mucevski

What was your first image? Do you have a favorite one that you’ve done?

The very first toy subject introduced into my toy photography was Honda CRF 450R, Bburago diecast motorcycle 1:18 scale model. Regarding the favorite ones, it’s difficult to choose from. I can only say that all my toy photos are my favorite, but perhaps I could point out The Adventures of Mario and Luigi in Jurassic Park as one of my most favorites. Looking at my gallery it’s quite obvious that I’m also a big fan of super hero Hulk.

What do you love about toy photography?

Toy photography is all about storytelling. The ability to bring toys to life through still photos that tell a story is the main drive behind my love for creative toy photography. My real pleasure and challenge are photo stories where some certain movement or specific action is shown. So I’m a big fan and love implementing practical effects, such as dust blowing, scattering grains of fine sand, liquid splashes, water droplets, etc.

LEGO Desert Adventure – Kiril Mucevski

What’s the secret of turning a good image into a great image?

It’s all about capturing illusion of motions that actually don’t exist, bringing toy characters to life and telling a story in your own unique way. The most challenging tasks are the visual presentation of the imagined idea, implementing practical effects, fitting the photographed toy heroes into the background perspective and environment in order to present the story in a more realistic way.

Sadness and Bobby Playing Chess – Kiril Mucevski

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start toy photography?

To be successful and stand out in this type of photography, the toy photographer should be an imaginative and creative visual storyteller. Must be able to bring toys to life and tell a story in their own unique way. To not rely on fancy equipment or fancy toy figures, it’s all about storytelling, so successful toy photos can be taken even with an average smartphone.

To focus on self-improvement, new skills development and effort to begin different projects, practice with various scenery, toys positions and background perspective, paying attention to details, depth of field, photography composition, etc.

To use social media and online tutorials for self-learning, there are plenty of inspirational behind the scene videos. Must be consistent and patient, good things take time to become excellent!

Hulk Skateboard Trick – Kiril Mucevski

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just want to thank all readers for the attention and express my appreciation to the hobbyDB team for the given opportunity to convey my opinion about toy photography. Those who want to reach me out, are welcome to find me on social media @kirilmucevskiphotography. Wish you all a nice day!

From Bari to Pechino FIAT 500 – Kiril Mucevski


Vespa Adventures – Kiril Mucevski


Luigi and Shelby – Kiril Mucevski


Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater – Kiril Mucevski


Hulk and Spiderman – Kiril Mucevski


Hulk and Thanos MotoCross Racing – Kiril Mucevski


Hulk SuperHero – Kiril Mucevski







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Wao this is really amazing site and its stuff

Baron von Zach
Baron von Zach
1 year ago

That’s Marvel-lous.

1 year ago

Putting the action into action figures. These shots are amazing!

Phunko Brownz
Phunko Brownz
1 year ago

Amazing work my friend!!!

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