Under The Sea with The Little Mermaid Collectibles From Funko, FiGPiN, Lego and More!

When it comes to Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the items from under the sea are best when they’re in your collection.

Disney’s retelling of its classic tale — this time in live action form — brings with it an entirely new generation of Little Mermaid collectibles, to go along with an already impressive empire of dolls, figures and so much more.

We take a look at some of our favorite items from The Little Mermaid on hobbyDB, including one of its most famous collectibles…the original VHS tape! Click Flounder to see all Little Mermaid collectibles!


The Little Mermaid on hobbyDB


The Little Mermaid (VHS) – The Classics Walt Disney Home Video



The Little Mermaid – Nintendo



Ariel Sequined Mini Backpack – Loungefly ($780)



The Little Mermaid Retro Video Cassette Case – Hallmark Ornaments



The Little Mermaid Pin – Disney Store



The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell – Lego ($160)




Ursula – Mattel


Ariel – Disney Store Ultimate Princess



King Triton – Lego Minifig



Prince Eric – Lego Micro Doll



Dreaming Under the Sea – Enesco



Ariel & Prince Eric Couture de Force – Enesco



Ariel – FiGPiN ($350)



Ariel & Ursula (Metallic) – Funko ($520)

See the Top-10 Most Valuable Little Mermaid Funko Pop!s here!


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