Model Car Fans! Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge Coming to NBC!

Photo courtesy of NBC

Who hasn’t dreamt of owning their dream car…in Hot Wheels form?

For one lucky collector / gearhead, they’ll own both.

NBC rolls up the garage doors on its “Chrome Zone” with the debut of its new car makeover competition series “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge.”

We’ll let NBC explain –

“Each episode will invite two passionate car fans and Hot Wheels lovers into the Chrome Zone, where they will face off in each transforming an ordinary vehicle into an extraordinary Hot Wheels showstopper, inspired by personal stories and pop culture touchstones.

Working alongside a team of automotive magicians known as ‘The Car Pool,’ the two Superfans will manufacture their designs in high-tech, decked-out garages. Raising the stakes of the competition is the Inspirationator 5000, a larger-than-life vending machine that will rev up in each episode to present the Superfans with a twist in the road.”

Judges include Ford Motors designer Dalal Elsheikh and car influencer Hertrech Eugene Jr., as well as “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge” host Rutledge Wood of “Top Gear” and NASCAR fame.

Each episode winner earns $25,000 and a spot in the finals for a chance to claim an additional $50,000 and their own official Hot Wheels model.

Give it a look!

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“Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge” is the latest in the line of competition shows aimed at the collectibles universe, following the steps of popularity of Fox’s “Lego Masters.”

Look for the first of 10 episodes of the Ultimate Challenge beginning at 10/9c on Tuesday, May 30.

Hot Wheels fans!! Before you watch, peruse our entire Hot Wheels database here!

What would you design? Tell us below!

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